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Jacob Weldon does amazing work. I did not know where to go when I first needed a lawyer, but I stumbled across Sexton Law Firm, and they answered every question I had with no hesitation. [...] A+ work by everyone on Sexton Law Firm!

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Amazing experience; everyone was super helpful and made this a stress-free process. They explained everything very well and answered any questions I had in a timely manner. [...] they pay attention to the details putting time and effort into my case, which is something you don’t get from bigger firms. Overall, I would 10/10 recommend.

Sheri B.

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Auto Accidents

Reclaim your road to safety.

When your life has been turned upside down, or your loved ones are injured because another driver was negligent, not paying attention, or deliberately doing something wrong. The big insurance companies become your enemy instead of a good neighbor; you need the help of an experienced law firm to transition you through the process and obtain fair and just compensation for you. We can help you fight the big insurance companies and maximize your settlement or verdict.

two cars in an accident
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Criminal Defense

Protect your future with us.

We all make mistakes, and things aren’t always as they appear. Don’t let your pending criminal matter limit your future success. Let our firm help you with your criminal charges. Our firm boasts a team of multiple criminal defense attorneys to cater to diverse legal needs and ensure comprehensive support for our clients, including everything from DUI to complex felony cases.

Personal Injury

Unlock your potential again.

Injured and feeling powerless? There are rights for injury victims only a lawyer can secure. We'll hold insurers accountable to get you back on track. If injured on another's property, like a store or hotel, they're responsible for safety. Under Georgia law, you may be entitled to compensation, covering medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Let Sexton Weldon Law Firm guide you to what you deserve.

a person with a cast on their leg and a broken leg
a truck that has been involved in a car accident

Trucking Accidents

Navigate to safety with us.

We all know what driving on a major highway with big trucks is like. We see them weaving from lane to lane from lack of sleep, tailgating, or speeding to make a deadline. When a big truck causes a collision, people can be hurt and often die due to the size difference between the two vehicles. If you have been injured or have a loved one injured or killed in a collision with a big truck, you need to call a lawyer immediately. There is evidence that can be destroyed, and often purposefully destroyed, that is essential to your case, such as log sheets, black box records, GPS records, phone records, driver files, and many other vital pieces of evidence.

Workers Compensation

Secure your workplace wellbeing.

When you are injured on the job, it doesn’t matter how long you have worked for your employer and how much your employer likes you. The insurance company is in the driver’s seat and will often dictate how your employer reacts to you. Employers and the insurance company may try to force you to go to a particular doctor and get specific treatments and may deny you the pay you deserve. You have rights that only a lawyer can often secure for you. Contact us now to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

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Wrongful Death

Seek your justice and peace.

Sadly, many times the negligence of others causes the death of a loved one either in a car accident, on-the-job injury, medical malpractice, or through intentional harmful conduct. When that happens, you need a firm that is experienced in not just handling the litigation to right the wrong that has been committed to the full extent that the law allows but a firm that is skilled in paving the way to bring such action, including opening estates, knowledgeable about who can bring the action, the damages recoverable and the best way to recover them.

Our firm has years of experience in handling these types of claims. You can rest assured your family’s case will be zealously represented. Call us now for assistance with your claim for the wrongful death of your loved one.

Sexton Law Firm was an excellent choice. They handled everything from start to settlement in a professional manner. I couldn't be happier with their services, and I was particularly pleased with the outcome, which was more than I originally anticipated. Thanks!

Paul H.

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